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GUUUUUUUUUURLAAAAAA. But wait…what the hell is streampad?

Approximately at 10:10, Darren Hanible released a behind the scenes look at him recording a few tracks for his upcoming album "XX" (pronounced Twenty or Dub). He also gives us his perspective on music, talent, and what we can expect from this project. Matt McGhee also makes an appearance regarding one of my favorite tracks “The Trip”, which features Hanible on his recently released album  AWARD. It’s always nice to hear from the artist and see how a project is built. ”XX” coming soon.

Did you recently cop some gear? Have a couple of pictures of you rocking the brand? Send them if you have them! Just email with your twitter or instagram and come back to see if it was posted. We try to update this page daily so the sooner you send them, the better. Thank you for your support!

DC artist, Matt McGhee's album drops tomorrow. The second out of three announced projects released from the Grammy Family label, the first being his label-mate rMell's NEOGEO which dropped last year.  Here is a mini documentary showing his recent performance at local skateshop ArtUnderPressure, and an interview giving us his perspective on AWARD.

"Kool Klux Klan ain’t nothin to fxck with!" The klansman gets together with the talented photo/videographer Helena Banks of KreativeKhaos, to release some ill visuals for Sir E.U.'s single, off of his upcoming project #FXCK2. E.U. is known for slaying the english language and often leaving his listeners behind in his sea of uncommon words and phrases. Both artists continue to grow with every project and we can especially see it in his “phrase-play” and Ms. Bank’s video production. Follow these artist as you will be seeing more from them in the upcoming months. The squeal is slated to release on the 23rd of March.

@2egit Collective is the latest brand born from the DC streets. Pronounced 2-Legit, the brand has finally opened the doors to their online shop this past 15th of this month. Their simplistic designs combined with the basic tee, hoodie, and crewneck, make for a clean modern look almost anyone can rock. Whether you’re into high fashion or streetwear, this brand can transcend through both realms. If you’re looking to expand your wardrobe this spring season, make sure you check out these flicks from their lookbook and head over to 2egit's online shop. 

If you have hung around us, you may recognize Sir Melly. She is one of our good friends and a terrific model.  Melly now lives in Northern Virginia, where she continues to work on her modeling career, as well as throughout the DMV.  Photos taken by KreativeKhaos’s founder Aaliyah Sahar and edited by VonKnight. The featured shot of Melly will also be featured on an upcoming shirt shown below.

Click here for full shoot.

SmplxCartel dropped their newest special release pack. Consist of short sleeve tees for the ladies and long sleeves for the gentlemen. Both feature a rose pattern ribbon logo and come in either red or black. Now available throughout February at [SmplxCartel].

The newest track from local rap artist Dymique. A song that tells a story about his encounter with a scandalous young lady and the outcome of such a situation. He decided to leave the creative direction in SmplxCartel's hands. Track released on Valentines day. Listen + Download below.